Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Are you an Illustration Athlete?

Do you exercise your creative talent?

It would be interesting to hear how others out there create an environment that encourages their gifts or talents.
Like any olympic swimmer, runner, or hurdler, there are obstacles to overcome in our everyday lives that may hinder our progress.

Are you ever burned out, facing ridiculous deadlines, worrying about an editor's comments?

In my own way I deal with these challenges on a day to day basis. But the most important aspect of my illustrating life is the time spent each day drawing, observing, painting, or photographing. Maybe it is the 'ink in the blood' syndrome, but for me a day isn't complete without a drawing either begun, finished or somewhere on its way to completion.

The reward, may not come in money or a new assignment, but in simply standing back and looking at the finished work, and being able to say... " Now that one, I really am proud of!"

What keeps your illustrating muscles toned?


roz said...

How funny, Ginger, I was just posting on my blog how I can't get myself to the studio without a deadline. I don't know why! I'm really in summer land right now I guess.
Bravo that you are working away no matter if it's for yourself or for "work".

imwithsully said...

Congratulations on your post at artmakr. As an art director, there really isn't any choice but to be burned out every day with working so much overtime every day, week, month and year of your life. You just have to keep trudging along and you must be creative at 9am every single day no matter what. I illustrate to overcome that feeling of being burned out. I guess I am the opposite.

Monica said...

I have always had this longing to be an illustrator, but I didn't feel like I could do it, that I was good enough. I spent a long time away from doing art, making excuses and feeling rather incomplete. But rescuing our beagle girl made me feel like drawing again, and how surprised and pleased I was to see that I could do it after all. Now what keeps me drawing and painting is the knowledge that as long as I keep at it, I'll keep on getting better. And that's a great feeling!

Anonymous said...

Ginger you inspire us all! Thanks for this post!