Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well... I thought I might have outsmarted myself. After installing Painter X and figuring out how to maximize the performance I went ahead and began loading in all my premade patterns, brushes, and image hoses. BIG MISTAKE. I must have overloaded the library capacity in the program, and when I next tried to open Painter X it crashed, crashed some more and crashed yet again.

After trying to reinstall it twice (TWICE) I did what I should have done in the first place. I simply read the READ ME files on the CD for techie issues. There was the answer. The next time I started P X all I had to do was hold down the shift key upon launch and choose Current Workspace. Voila! Success.

I mention this here in case anyone else has so many homemade brushes and patterns, etc. Don't load them into the program, just keep them in separate libraries, and access them as needed. That way the program doesn't have to run uphill hauling a backpack of rocks while trying to open all the doors and windows to your artwork.


Amy C. Moreno said...

Yikes Ginger. Sorry for all that pain. I'm glad you figured it out, and found the way for it to work correctly. COmputer problems like that are the worst!

Jana Bouc said...

Thanks for the tip! What a nightmare. I'd be interested to know whether you find the update to be worthy of the effort. I've got 9.5 and when I looked at the description of 10 didn't see anything that made me think I should upgrade. What inspired you to make the move?

Kathy Weller said...

This is an excellent tip!!! Thanks!

I think dedicated "Workspaces" and also those little customizable "Palettes" are going to be very important to me with using Painter X. I am planning on creating several different Palettes for different general tasks, i.e. "sketch" style drawing, painting. textures/patterns.