Friday, October 21, 2011

More News about Gunther *:)

A visit to Sunshine Smile Publications will feature an announcement about my first book as both author and illustrator.
The article is just one of the ways that Sunshine Smile supports artists, authors, and agents.  Stop by and see all they have to offer.


Laura said...

I just discovered you--WOW! I am inspired--I am a baby at illustrating (at 58 it's nice to be young at something! Your cover is so fluid and vibrant - and delightful! I will look for Gunther for my grandchildren. I appreciate your tips and demos on your website. Many blessings on your new book!

Andrew Finnie said...

Hello Ginger! Wow, this is wonderful news. Congrats, it looks splendiferious (how ever you spell that :) ) Your work is so joyful and feel good! I am sure it will be a great success!

Greetings :)

Art Collector's Corner said...

Your works are fabulous!!!
You might want to check out the International Illustration Showcase hosted by International Art Guide -

Andrew Finnie said...

And then what happens? Isn't it time there was another one? (Just having a joke) Your ele phant is just having so much fun!