Thursday, February 17, 2011

Many thanks for your kind words *:)

Because I and many others in the illustration world do get the nicest compliments on our work, and because many authors request illustrations for their books, I thought it would be best to create a page that addresses that question and others. You can find out more at:

And it isn't just about me.  Many illustrators receive requests to illustrate for authors who plan to self publisher or use a POD publisher for their work.  In all fairness to the industry there are guidelines to follow.  If you have a great story it should be submitted to a publisher (s). Be prepared for a few or more rejections, but keep trying.   Once your work is acquired the editor or publisher will choose the best illustrator for your work.  If you are determined to self publish or even create your own publishing company you will bear the cost of printing, hiring an artist and marketing your work.

I love what I do and would work for everyone on the planet if time and energy allowed.  However, illustrators cannot live on paint, paper and pen and stylus.  We need to charge a reasonable fee for our work. That means that we cannot work on spec, and we need support as well as good critique from those who hire us. Professional illustrators charge fees and give any project his or her full attention.  Contracts are necessary and help to keep the author and the artist equally happy with fair and professional arrangements.


Di said...

You took the words (and made them nicer) right out of my mouth.

Andrew Finnie said...

Hey Ginger, wonderful illustration, your pic is great. You look as kind and considerate as you always come across as :)

the only self publisher who I have given a quote to nearly fell of his chair :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh Ginger what a wonderful post and we even get to see your beautiful face he he he he!! What a treat. Hope that all is well with you.