Sunday, August 15, 2010

the Sketchbook Project

I noticed in some of the sketchbooks, that collage, alternative materials, and prints were being used.  I am working on a combination of prints I have created, sketches I draw into the booklet and cut outs to create my story. The theme:  Science Experiments Gone Wrong.   I am approaching this with a picture book feel, a sense of humor, and some drama.   This is the opening spread .... I took the stitches out of the book and will resew the pages back in when I am done.  Got a lot of experience with that doing dummy books *:)

I am still working on the cover.  I have some gesso drying that I want to paint on top of.

The story I wrote is one that may never make it to the publishing houses, so I decided it was time to let it go and the sketchbook project is the perfect place for it to live on.

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Roberta said...

Looks great! Isn't this a fun project!