Friday, August 7, 2009


I have this sketch that is from a drawing I did a while ago. I am in the process of recycling it. I liked the subject but never really did much with the sketch. You may see an update in the coming weeks. It fits the fall theme now that children are beginning to get ready for school this fall. Up here we begin in late August. Snow days usually take their toll on our attendance and we don't want to be going to school in JULY!

And thanks to my friend Mark Hicks I have been warned about the rip offs of many illustrators' artwork.
Even at 72 dpi it seems that there are still those who delight in lifting and using artwork from wherever they find it. So unfortunately a lot of the work I post will have to have those watermarks posted on them, but I will try to make them light enough so you can enjoy the work. My suggestion is that all of us do something to protect our work. I won't go into details, but it is a good idea to document any work you put online and that includes the date you created it.

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Michelle Henninger said...

Ginger, because you are such an inspiration I've awarded you an award. Check out my blog.