Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Website update

I finally succeeded in an update to my portfolio. After migrating from Go Live CS2 to Dreamweaver CS3 my brain was on hold for a few days. Actually it was FULL!
But with a little perseverence I managed to create some neat rollovers on my new Portfolio Page.

It isn't as hard as I thought it would be to migrate from the older GoLive (which will no longer receive support or updates) and still keep a lot of content as well as change the portfolio images into disjointed rollovers, but I had a lot of help along the way.

With my purchase of Dreamweaver CS3 I also received a complimentary month of lessons at Garrick Chow is the versitile instructor who explains all one needs to know about Dreamweaver CS3 and in such a way that even with my limited web skills I was able to understand the lessons and recreate a meaningful and informative Portfolio site.


Bobo Cat said...

So beautiful, hard to choose which I love most, love all of them and their precious expression.

Kate said...

Hey Ginger, I really like the new look. I think refreshing the website brings illustrations into focus that sometimes get looked over. I really love what you are showcasing in your portfolio. You have done so many exciting animal paintings, and all are so precious. I LOVE the hippo. And being able to see the book and flip pages was very impressive because it made me realize how well your illustrations really do flow throughout yor books. I think that is great to show! Makes me want to buy a book, too!

I have been updating my website, also. I actually love my iWeb program because I can so easily change things (which I do several times a week!). I would highly recommend the program to anyone. Though I cannot do the nice "roll over" feature, it's just so easy to use.

One thing I did notice on your contact page was that the image did not fully appear. I even refreshed it, but still there is a big grey area....just FYI! (It's alwasy something!)

princesstomato said...

wow. love your new look. the portfolio page is so nice and clean and shows your fabulous characters of so well. cool that when you just hover over the thumbnails the image appears on the right.

i have been working on finally getting my albums loaded too. i am not even close to using dreamweaver. still relying on a free album called JALBUM.

off to look at more of your great updates!