Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Icy- Snowy- Cold- and- Frigid

Just saying the words makes it seem colder than it is. Today was the coldest March Day on record in NH EVER.....

The wind was wild, the air was icy. Up on top of Mt. Washington the Wind Chill Factor was below..yes .... BELOW -60. I think at one point today it reached a wind chill factor of -79. One of the climatoligists who mans the weather station up there boiled up a pot of water and took it outside the station and threw the water into the air..INSTANTLY it turned into a cloud of snow.
But don't try this at home, you would most likely burn yourself if your wind chill isn't at least -50 degrees.

Heres to sweeping away the winter and welcoming a blooming spring!
  • ©GingerNielson2007

    Roz said...

    Holy cow, I just can't imagine those type of numbers. Especially since I keep having to turn the air conditioning on here.

    ABSOLUTELY gorgeous illustration. So original.

    Anonymous said...

    Ginger this is such a wonderful Illustration. So full of action and color and the character is adorable.

    Paige Keiser said...

    Wow! That sounds very very very very very very very very very very very cold! lol! I really love this illustration - you must mix magic in your painter/adobe photoshop software!

    Amy C. Moreno said...

    Incredible about the boiling water turning to snow! I wish they had gotten it on video.
    This is such a fun illustration. I love the idea and the "sweeping" movement. It's so colorful and really gets the cold, brisk, yet fun winter feeling across.

    gail said...

    Cool piece! :) Love the colors and the white space. Yeah, kind of hard to relate to. We do have flowers, and weeds, popping up already. But then again, it's in the 80's.

    Nice job,

    Chickengirl said...

    Magical illo. Stay warm! :-)